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How you can become your own boss - Part 2 -Webinar in collaboration with Developers Bay

In this video, I am hosting a webinar in collaboration with Developers bay. This is the second webinar hosted by me, Anna Leijon, addressing the question: “How can you become your own boss?”. Last time, we spoke mostly about the differences on paper between being hired and being your own boss as a freelancer. This time, we will follow-up with the differences in possibilities, ideologies and mental state between the two set-ups. We will talk about something you might be worried about if you want to become your own boss in these uncertain times, which is the job security. We will also talk about the sense of belonging, the long-term career and continued growth, opportunities, societal awareness and responsibility, something I call "freedom of mind" as well as attitudes and how you are being treated.

How you can become your own boss - Webinar in collaboration with Developers Bay

In this video, I am hosting a webinar in collaboration with Developers bay. As a member of Developers bay I am part of their knowledge sharing network and in that spirit, I want to inspire and help people who want to or already have transitioned from being hired to freelancers and self-employed. I share some tips and tricks along the way and talk about my realization and view of what work really is. I share some risks in light of the Corona crisis and a potential recession and what that means for freelance consultants. I also compare the advantages and disadvantages with being hired versus self-employed.

Konsultpodden avsnitt 18 - Allt handlar om konsulten (only available in Swedish)

In this video, me and Johan Alriksson are guests in Konsultpodden with Mattias Loxi & Håkan Mildh - a podcast which mainly focuses on the consultancy industry. We talk about how we became consultants, what has lead us up to this point in our careers, what the 'unwritten contract' is all about, why I quit my job and became a freelance consultant and what the benefits are with that set-up compared to being hired. We also talk about how to stay relevant and nurture your competence continuously and how the consultancy industry can attract younger generations. Finally, we talk about the challenges that the consultancy industry face, where I talk about specialization vs becoming a manager, the poor compensation to experienced consultants, the gig economy as well as the picture of the consultant in the media and much more! Listen in here :)

Q&A about management consulting at Netlight

In this video, my fantastic colleague Edvin Zigmanovic interviews me as I am answering questions that I have received via my blog. We are filming straight from the Netlight HQ in Stockholm. I answer questions such as: What's Netlight's culture like and what does a Management consultancy role entail? We really enjoyed shooting and editing this clip. Credits go to Edvin, Prasanth Korada and Sandra Wiaderny for making this happen!