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Anna Leijon intervjuas av Unionen om Allt du behöver tänka på när du använder konsultmäklare

I det här Youtube-klippet intervjuas jag av Unionen och svarar på frågor om konsultmäklare..

Anna Leijon gästar föreläsning på IT-högskolan och svarar på frågor om egenföretagande och frilans

In this youtube video, I am a guest at a lecture at IT-högskolan and answer questions about freelancing.

Flowby pitchar i Draknästet på SVT

In this youtube video, we pitch our company Flowby digital queueing system in the Swedish television show Draknästet.

Questions about freelancing with Anna Leijon & Technigo

In this youtube video, I answer questions about freelancing in collaboration with Technigo.

Kompilator avsnitt 47 - Frilansarlivet fullt ut med Anna Leijon

In this podcast appearance, I discuss together with Bartek in his podcast Kompilator about our freelance journeys, how to live the "freelance life" fully and my coming book.

How to start freelancing & becoming self-employed

In this youtube video, I explain the 17 steps to becoming a freelancer and self-employed in collaboration with Technigo.

Kodsnack podcast - Man ska börja med att sluta

In this podcast, me together with two other freelancers are guests in one of the biggest and oldest developer podcasts in Sweden. [only available in Swedish]

Wetal episode 4

In this podcast episode, I am being interviewed by Charlotte Holmen about how to become your own boss, how to get new customers and pros and cons about being self-employed.

Webinar - 10 tips till dig som vill ha en frilanskarriär inom tech

In this webinar, I share my views and give my tips to people who want to pursue a carrier as a freelancer within tech. I do this in collaboration with Developers bay, a consultancy broker in Sweden.

The new GIG episode 2 - Anna Leijon x Glen Hodgson

In this podcast, I am being interviewed by Glen Hodgson in the new podcast called the New GIG. We are talking about freelancing and how the platform economy is unchaining technology talent, the practical dos and dont's of freelancing and what the future will bring.

Kodsnack podcast - Maskhålet i rymden

In this podcast, me together with three other freelancers are talking about freelancing within tech, or "the wormhole in space", which somoeone described it as. We talk about the freelance disease, which is irreverisble and very contagious. Many of our friends are infected and they will never go back to employment again. Thus far, it has felt like a lifehack which no one else knows or is talking about - but it is possible to have your own company and to be a freelancer! We talk about how to find an assignment, what downsides that exist and the big consultancy companies falling star. That and much more [only available in Swedish]

How you can become your own boss - part 3

In this video, I am hosting a webinar in collaboration with Developers bay and Techstars of Sweden. This is the third webinar hosted by me, Anna Leijon, addressing the question: “How can you become your own boss?”. This time, we will address the common questions, misconceptions and myths about freelancing and self-employment. We get back to basics and go through what a freelancer and a self-employed person really is, and in particular, what the combination of the two means. In doing so, hoping to further tear down the thresholds which are currently hindering tech talents from breaking free and staying true to their true passion.

Framtidsspaning i pandemin tillsammans med Tentaql [only available in Swedish]

In this video, me, among other people, are analysing the future in the light of the pandemic. I am talking about freelancing and the academical gig market as I believe and hope it will be catalyzed by the pandemic.

Product managers' round tables discussion

In this video, I am talking part in a round tables discussion among product managers from different companies and backgrounds. We are doing this together with Evolution, a consultancy broker firm.

How you can become your own boss - Part 2 -Webinar in collaboration with Developers Bay

In this video, I am hosting a webinar in collaboration with Developers bay. This is the second webinar hosted by me, Anna Leijon, addressing the question: “How can you become your own boss?”. Last time, we spoke mostly about the differences on paper between being hired and being your own boss as a freelancer. This time, we will follow-up with the differences in possibilities, ideologies and mental state between the two set-ups. We will talk about something you might be worried about if you want to become your own boss in these uncertain times, which is the job security. We will also talk about the sense of belonging, the long-term career and continued growth, opportunities, societal awareness and responsibility, something I call "freedom of mind" as well as attitudes and how you are being treated.

How you can become your own boss - Webinar in collaboration with Developers Bay

In this video, I am hosting a webinar in collaboration with Developers bay. As a member of Developers bay I am part of their knowledge sharing network and in that spirit, I want to inspire and help people who want to or already have transitioned from being hired to freelancers and self-employed. I share some tips and tricks along the way and talk about my realization and view of what work really is. I share some risks in light of the Corona crisis and a potential recession and what that means for freelance consultants. I also compare the advantages and disadvantages with being hired versus self-employed.

Konsultpodden avsnitt 18 - Allt handlar om konsulten (only available in Swedish)

In this video, me and Johan Alriksson are guests in Konsultpodden with Mattias Loxi & Håkan Mildh - a podcast which mainly focuses on the consultancy industry. We talk about how we became consultants, what has lead us up to this point in our careers, what the 'unwritten contract' is all about, why I quit my job and became a freelance consultant and what the benefits are with that set-up compared to being hired. We also talk about how to stay relevant and nurture your competence continuously and how the consultancy industry can attract younger generations. Finally, we talk about the challenges that the consultancy industry face, where I talk about specialization vs becoming a manager, the poor compensation to experienced consultants, the gig economy as well as the picture of the consultant in the media and much more! Listen in here :)

Q&A about management consulting at Netlight

In this video, my fantastic colleague Edvin Zigmanovic interviews me as I am answering questions that I have received via my blog. We are filming straight from the Netlight HQ in Stockholm. I answer questions such as: What's Netlight's culture like and what does a Management consultancy role entail? We really enjoyed shooting and editing this clip. Credits go to Edvin, Prasanth Korada and Sandra Wiaderny for making this happen!