Meanwhile the tab called "success stories" covers the feedback that I have received from private individuals, this tab about "mentions" covers mentions by other bloggers, forums, organisations and so forth. I can get mentioned in bypassing, in forums, in nominations, they might dedicate a whole page or an episode or I may have had collaborations with some of them. I am proud to get mentioned, get sponsors and have collaborations. Here are a few of them:

Me and my podcast Techskaparna are mentioned in the printed newspaper NyTeknik:


Collaboration with Technigo and giving a lecture on Freelancing:


Me and my podcast Techskaparna are visible in the intro to Ekonomibyrån in the episode Poddpengarna on the Swedish TV channel SVT1. See more on my Youtube-channel.


I was on the cover of the Swedish bank SBAB's annual report.


And a lot more:

I also think that it is pretty cool that random people mention me and my writings on different forums, such as Flashback and Rika tillsammans. For example in these threads:

I am also of course mentioned a lot in my own forum, Frilans & Tech.

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