Konsultpodden avsnitt 18 - Allt handlar om konsulten (only available in Swedish)

In this video, me and Johan Alriksson are guests in Konsultpodden with Mattias Loxi & Håkan Mildh - a podcast which mainly focuses on the consultancy industry. We talk about how we became consultants, what has lead us up to this point in our careers, what the 'unwritten contract' is all about, why I quit my job and became a freelance consultant and what the benefits are with that set-up compared to being hired. We also talk about how to stay relevant and nurture your competence continuously and how the consultancy industry can attract younger generations. Finally, we talk about the challenges that the consultancy industry face, where I talk about specialization vs becoming a manager, the poor compensation to experienced consultants, the gig economy as well as the picture of the consultant in the media and much more! Listen in here! :)

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