Hiring tech talents aiming to become self-employed! Starting salary: 50 000 SEK

The 1 Year Freelance Deal

We are hiring people who are passionate and competent in tech. Our goal is to guide and support you to become self-employed after 1 year. Salary starts from 50 000 SEK.

Do you want to:

  • Become self-employed, independent and be your own boss?
  • Have more time and money left to actually realize your passions?
  • Earn more money than you would being employed?

  • Read more about the differences between being hired versus being self-employed here (only available in Swedish).

    What we can offer you

  • Full-time hire
  • Competitive salary - starting salary from 50 000 SEK a month
  • Huge opportunity to grow tech competence wise
  • An exciting alternative career path
  • The perfect setup if you want to become self-employed and start your own businesses
  • Knowledge within bookkeeping and other necessary competence and tools that you need if you are going to start your own businesses
  • After 1 year, if you want and if you feel ready, you will transition to becoming self-employed instead of being hired by us

  • We are two senior freelancers specialising in tech product development. We are one full-stack developer and one product owner/project manager that will teach, guide and help you along the way towards becoming a self-employed freelancer, standing on your own two feet. With us, you will receive the know-how and competence in how to start your own business as well as side-businesses and projects. Our goal is to help you excel in your competence and independence and finally to become self-employed.

    Feel free to check us out on Linkedin:

    The 12 steps of the 1 year freelance deal

    What we would like you to bring to the table

    Preferred mindset:

  • Customer-focused problem-solver
  • Prestigeless and being humble and honest about what you do not know
  • Driven, eager to learn, pragmatic and business-minded

  • Preferred skills:

  • Engineering background, a technical degree or self-taught with proven results
  • Focused on building great products that solve customer problems

  • As a software or data engineer As a product owner or project manager
  • Track record of tangible and concrete achievements. For example a website or software product you have built yourself or contributed in building.
  • Proficient in at least one programming language.
  • Keen interest in and understanding for tech product development.
  • General experience from tech products and/or tech projects. Specific experience in driving and managing development of products and/or the delivery of projects.

  • Additionally:

  • Working on your own side-projects is also very meritable.

  • About the recruiting process

    In order to apply, please send your resume and a short motivation to us at: anna@annaleijon.com

    We will try to keep the recruiting process short (preferably only two interviews - one technical and one personal) and quick!

    If you have any questions, please reach out to us at: anna@annaleijon.com

    The interviews will proceed continuously and everyone who applies can expect fast feedback.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,
    Anna Leijon & Joakim Lustig

    If you want to read more about our motivations and analysis behind this job advertisement - go to this link!